M.D.M. - PLAST was founded end of 1999. years and is owned by Darko Ostružnjak.
The basic activity is:

• injection of its products from plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene),
• clerical injection,
• exports and wholesales plastic products,
• recycling.


Recycling includes complete systems management and control remains and debris from their origin to final processing. These procedures are an essential component of modern society and for their development and economic efficiency are important determinants that promote waste reduction and the development of separate collection and recycling of waste.

Given all the advantages that a plastic, MDM-PLAST has adjusted its production program activities that are the products that makes the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Its products, M.D.M. - PLAST is devised to specialized products for the floriculture and equipping tombs and hobby programs.
The company supplies the Croatian market but also partners in Slovenia and Austria.
In the current business MDM-PLAST is shown correct and timely procurement and delivery from a range of over 30 products or raw materials for the special requirements of customers are able to provide.